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Thread: base map?

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    Quote Originally Posted by makiscrf View Post
    Hi guys here do a great job and thank you. I have the motor ca18det and I want to ask if I can do the update for more tuning I have the KWP2000 ECU Plus Flasher Chip Tuning Kwp 2000 Remap OBD Help me please THANKS.
    Sorry, we do not have a CA18DET base table, perhaps the SR20DET will be close enough to be tuned. Alternatively you could use learn mode to build one if you have previous MAP tuning experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonySC400 View Post
    Hey Guys New Here There A Base Map For A Sc400 With A Jdm Aristo 2jzgte Engine? My Mods Would Be T67 Turbo,3 Inch Pipes,850 Cc Injectors
    We only have a base table for a stock JDM 2JZ-GTE, not one for 850cc injectors. The JDM ECU is MAP sensor based so the USD base tables will not work. There may be others on the Fourm with a JDM base table for 850cc injectors, check the base table threads.
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    Default z32 maf on ca18det

    hi there everybody sorry to bother i have installed map-ecu3 on ca18det the only problem i have is with the base map i think because as i can see in the forum there is no base map for ca18det accept for sr20dett, and i think i have a problem with my z32 maf the car is fully rebuild stock cams turbo gt3076r injectors 800cc walbro 255 fuel pump intercooler z 32 maf... the car starts but the idle its bad and when u try to accelerate the car chokes i have put it on only the fuel table maby i did not do the option right in map-ecu for z32 i hope u can give me any advice thanks alot

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    It sounds like you need to tune the fuel table for those large injectors, it is probably way rich. What does you wideband say?

    The SR20DET should be a reasonable starting point. Those tables are MAF Eliminate so you don't need the MAF anymore. I am a little confused as it sounds like you still have the MAF connected?

    BTW, have you read the MAP-ECU3 and MAP-CAL3 PDF manuals on the CDROM and on our website? They should be read before trying to tune.
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    Exclamation z32maf

    Hello there I have a question for ca18det engine I want to install bigger maf on the car z32maf a lot of people they install this maf in ca18det but ecu needs to be tuned I want to know do I have to change only the fuel map for using bigger maf or do I need to change configuration on map ecu3 and me next question is can I use learn mode with biger maf or do I need to tune it frst and I hope somebody will put some video tutorial here its Better and pls if anybody has a ca18det map with any mods or specs I just need it to start from there I am reading a lot but I need some tutorials thank u mapecu the best

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    Firstly, learn mode is only for MAF Elimination, i.e. no MAF, so that is no use to you. If you want to use a larger MAF sensor then you need to configure the MAP-ECU3 in "MAF Intercept mode, MAP Y-Axis". When you change to this mode, the fuel table needs to be zero'ed out completely. Then if it is too rich, you enter negative values to reduce fuel or positive values to increase fuel. If it is too rich all over, you might like to enter something like -0.50 in all the zones. The manual tells you how to select all the zones at once and enter the value once. The you would write that table to your MAP-ECU3 as a starting point.

    I hope that helps.
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    Default learn mode

    Hi again I understand that you said to me learn mode

    is only for maf elimination but shell I make the learn mode with map sensor built in 42+psi

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    Sorry, I don't quite understand the question. You can configure the internal MAP sensor pressure scale for either mode. Are you planning to use MAF Elimination mode now? If you are, have you tuned a MAP based ECU before?
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    Exclamation ca18det

    hello again sorry ecu man my english its not so perfect actually i have experiance more with aem fic ecu but map-ecu is a bit different but its better i want to learn this now ill explain u better all i want to do in my ca18det engine is to install 800cc injector and eliminate maf so can u tell me a little step by step what do i have to change frst im sorry to ask u to much but it helps me better when i get answer from forum i have the user manuel but its better when i ask u and i have the answer and i can understandit better than just tell me shortly what do i have to do step by step using 800cc injectors and maff eliminating and i have another question if i eliminate maf it means that the fuel will be controlled with map sensor built in 42+

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    Ok, thank you. I understand now. I believe the FIC only allows you to intercept the OEM MAF sensor and add or reduce fuel rather than eliminate the MAF sensor.

    If you want to eliminate the MAF sensor then the built-in MAP sensor will become the load sensor. That means the MAP-ECU3 outputs a new MAF voltage based on RPM versus vacuum/boost (MAP), which is usually called speed density. The fuel table is basically a VE table. You must connect the internal MAP sensor to the plenum using the vacuum line supplied in the MAP-ECU3 kit. There is also a picture on the fourm of how to secure the vacuum line to the MAP sensor nipple using a thin slice of vacuum hose stretched over the main vacuum hose. Be careful, it is quiet delicate. http://www.performancemotorresearch....ead.php?t=1341

    The MAP sensor can measure up to +42psi boost but if you are not running that much boost, you can select a lower pressure scale for more tuning resolution. For example, the SR20DET 370cc MB base table available on the website is configured with a medium boost pressure scale.

    When you remove the OEM MAF sensor, you connect the MAP-ECU3 Green wire to the MAF input of the OEM ECU to replace the MAF sensor signal. When you tune the MAP-ECU3 fuel table, it changes the voltage sent to the OEM ECU on the Green wire. To reduce fuel, you reduce the voltage in the fuel table. To add fuel you increase the voltage. In table mode, you can increase or decrease the whole fuel table or selected sections of the fuel table. See the manual for details.

    I recommend you connect everything as per the wiring diagra, load the SR20DET table from the website into the MAP-ECU3 and then try tuning the fuel at idle to make sure you can lean it out. Pressing the '-' key while the cursor is in the zone will reduce fuel. The default is 5%. You might need to reduce the fuel table values by 50% with such large injectors but it depends on your fuel system. Remember you can use the space bar to select/deselect "FollowMe" mode which will highlight the zone in red the MAP-ECU3 is currently using.

    You can also advance and retard ignition timing using the timing table. I believe the FIC can only retard ignition timing so the MAP-ECU3 is different in this regard. I suggest you get fuel adjustment working correctly before attempting ignition timing.

    BTW, make sure the MAP-CAL Dashboard is showing the correct RPM and vacuum at idle otherwise fueling will be wrong. Fueling is based on RPM and vacuum/boost.

    I hope that helps and is not to confusing.
    MAP-ECU Support

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